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Welcome to Manorama Bank solapur marathon

"Every journey begins with small steps. All Runners are beginners and at one point or another, we are all on start line. Running keeps you young and Movement is the best form of medication."

Inspired by this, Solapur Runner’s Association is arranging its first ever Marathon - MANORAMA BANK SOLAPUR HALF MARATHON on Sunday 7th January, 2018 in the textile city of Solapur.

MANORAMA BANK SOLAPUR HALF MARATHON event is being organized by the Solapur Runners Association (SRA), a non-profit organization formed by a group of enthusiastic runners from Solapur city.

The SRA is formed by some highly influential members of the society who are successful in their respective professional fields. Majority belong to medical fraternity and are from different subspecialities.

ABLITY, MOTIVATION ATTITUDE: If you make them work together, you can achieve great things.
A small group became a team of dedicated runners and fitness enthusiasts and started motivating each other and their friends and family to RUN to stay HEALTHY. Motivation is what gets you started and HABIT is what keeps you going. What began as a occasional run became a habit and these members envisioned a dream to hold this unprecedented event with a soul purpose to nurture health awareness in the society and to bring the local community together for a common cause.

The SRA aims at organizing this event ‘ MANORAMA BANK SOLAPUR HALF MARATHON 2018’ in the most professional manner, abiding by the required protocols and necessary technologies for the successful completion of this mega event.

It aims to provide a platform for the runners from local and surrounding cities and also to encourage citizens to take up running as a form of regular exercise to maintain good health.

The SRA firmly believes that MANORAMA BANK SOLAPUR HALF MARATHON will be organized as a regular annual event for many years to come.

City is located in the South Western region of Indian state of Maharashtra.

It is well connected by Road and Rail Routes between Mumbai-Hyderabad and Mumbai-Chennai. Pune ( 240 km) and Hyderabad ( 300 km) are the nearest metro cities.

Solapur is well known for its textile industries and also for it’s pilgrimage destinations like Akkalkot, Pandharpur, Tuljapur etc.

Solapur is also famous for the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary where this rare bird , also known as Maldhok is found.

It is a major medical hub catering the border districts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

January is a festive month due to Sankrant, a major local festival dedicated to Lord Siddheshwar and has a pleasant weather well suited for distance running.

Solapur has also produced several talented sportspersons who have created their mark both at national and international levels.

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